Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cub Scout Day Camp

Welp, I volunteered to go to Cub Scout Day Camp...the entire week! Really, it's only 5 days. And really, many parents do that. It was my turn! I was pretty excited, actually. And nervous: about the boys, about the Texas summer heat, and about the camp itself. The one day I volunteered (in 2014), there was so much confusion, so much wasted time and it was so hot and tiring...I felt that the 3 people from our ward that went every single day were saints. I still do, because they went every day every year that their boy was in Cub Scouts. Now, they've moved up.

Enough about my volunteering skills! We want pictures! Pictures! Oh, I'll give you pictures. We had so much fun. Just see for yourself!

Day one craft: leatherworking.

BB guns are always a favorite.
 These boys. Gaga Ball! They are so serious. They love their Gaga Ball!
The Laney Brothers were often the last one/s out.
 We have a really good group of boys! I love these kids and felt honored to be able to hang out with them each day. Here they are watching the egg drop from the top of a firetruck's ladder. Splat!

The theme was Superheroes, so we had to make masks, of course!

Our group: they were so much fun!

Playing with hoops, hanging out, and playing Poison--always happy to be there!

Noah, first day of archery.
 By the last day, these boys had really improved their archery skills! It was also a favorite activity. We would play Uno with those who were waiting their turn. So glad I brought those cards--they were a hit during any and all down time!
Isaac popped a balloon on his target!

Skilled with the bow! If they hit a playing card, they got to keep it.
Noah actually hit under a playing card somehow, so he kept that, too.
 Fishing was a good experience, but many boys were "hooked," and only turtles were biting our tortillas. The frogs at that pond are HUGE!
Such a good group of boys! Fishermen.

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mama laney said...

Ah, such memories! Your boys will treasure looking at these photos in years to come. I have fond memories of many days spent myself at Cub Scout Day Camp with my boys....also 11-yr old Scout camp, Camporees, and they even had a family camp at the Boy Scout camp at Tahquitz where we camped one year. I have lots of pics of my boys throughout these camping! Glad you took the challenge on and went!