Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Their First Track Race of the Season

Noah had been invited to be on a running team, San Antonio Swift, right around the time the cross country season ended. Now, the track season finally had come!

 Lucky for us, our first meet was at our very own Brandeis High School track.
 Isaac did well. He has much to learn and we're still getting used to short distances. He did the 800, and wants to try shorter distances, too.

 This is Noah on the 400. He did well in all three of his races, earning a couple of medals.
 Here is Noah getting ready for the 200. Track meets are hotter than swim meets, but they're a little more exciting to cheer at for your kid.
This is my favorite set of pictures from that meet. You see Noah on the 800, his best race (in our opinion), beating someone who worked very hard for that position right before the finish line. I love how his coach--normally a very quiet guy--is just cheering him on like crazy in that last one.

 The girls were having fun on the bleachers when we first got there. It had rained that morning, so, naturally, the puddles were tempting.

Pre-run fun. This team is such a good fit for our family!

Pre-run warm-ups.

Noah on the 800.

Ellie on the 800.

She looks serious, but she seemed to enjoy the run from our view.

 It was a LONG, exhausting day for us all.

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Noelle Maes said...

You guys are SO COOL!!! So proud of them all and of the parents for instilling a love of running in em so early!