Friday, October 28, 2016

Summer Videos

It didn't seem right to completely ignore all the videos we have taken. I love to watch Noelle's videos of Atticus and I realized I never actually  do anything with our videos; I haven't put them together onto a DVD in years (only Isaac has home videos to watch of himself ), and I never post them anywhere (not really). So, I know it'll be that much longer 'til I'm caught up, but I think a few videos are in order here.
This is all about Natalie, obviously, and how we try to get her to show her tricks.
I can't account for any imperfections in what you see here (like, how our house/ hair/ clothes look), or what you hear (like my voice or the chaotic sound of Laney Family Background), except that this is us! Sorry; we are real. :D

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